Silly Election 2012 Haikus #7 and #8

I wish this mudsling
Would drag on without ending
I’d just write haikus

But poor Ohio
Needs a break from this nonsense
So don’t boo – go vote!!

Silly Election 2012 Haiku #6

It’s a snowy day
With election day coming
Almost like Christmas

Silly Election 2012 Haiku #5

“Candy, that’s not true!”
What? Real, true debate statements?
Blah…where’s that binder?

Silly Election 2012 Haiku #4

Poor Big Bird’s paycheck
Occupy Sesame Street!
Give kids sane TV!

Silly Election 2012 Haiku #3

Give up firearms;
An armament argument
Needs more safety sense!

Silly Election 2012 Haiku #2

Billionaires’ morals -
Democrats have higher ground
Says the new york times

Silly Election 2012 Haiku #1

Taking no bribes please.
Republicans. Democrats.
No. Yes – Yes we can.


Here I am at the University of Hohenheim!

Petition the government online!

I think the petition site at is a great thing. Petitions that receive enough digital signatures (25,000) are guaranteed an official response. Good for the people to be able to post their views to the right audience (as opposed to a blog which no political decision maker will ever read :) ), and good for the government as a real-time indicator of public opinion.

Please support my petition for the government to convert its fleet to electric and biofuel-powered vehicles (beginning with the post office):

Or create your own petition at!/

How embarassing

I just saw this headline from USA Today: “Obama aide: Speech will not conflict with football”. Boehner’s and hill republicans’ general prissiness, and Obama’s helplessness in the face of it, here are really disappointing signs of how childish American politics has become. Where’s the dignity? Where is the community of responsible people who directly represent us in Washington? What are we left with when our system of representation fails us so badly? Today’s politicians would apparently suggest football :\ Meh.